Upper Pasture Trail #38

Trail Description: Like many of the trails in this area, Upper Pasture Trail #38 was originally a road built in the late 1800s to provide horseback access to springs and other cattle waters. Evidence of this history is marked by an old horse trough beside the trail, slowly turning to rust with the rhythm of the elements. This trail stays in pinyon-juniper woodland and mixed chaparral. Watch for scrub jays and towhees moving from branch to branch. Wildflowers of every color, including creamy yarrow and bright red penstemon, grow along the path. Large granite boulders balanced at precarious angles throw shadows across the landscape. The best shade along this route, however, is found under the boughs of a few large alligator junipers that provide enticing spots to take a break and enjoy the view of Little Granite Mountain.


Expect hot, dry conditions during the summer months. There is no reliable drinking water at the trailhead or on the trail. This area is home to several species of rattlesnakes—please watch your step and never handle wildlife. As of August 2010, the trail is severely eroded along much of its length and is not suitable for mountain biking. Trail access is subject to change with the future implementation of the Williamson Valley-Alto Pit Environmental Assessment.


Notice: Visitors are asked to be alert and stay on existing trails when recreating on Granite Mountain as the area recovers from the Doce Fire of 2013. Soil erosion has occurred on portions of the trails, thus exposing more rock, and cross-country travel increases the possibility of encountering rolling rocks, stump and root holes, falling trees, and loose soils from rains. 


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At a Glance

Fees: No
Open Season: Year Round
Usage: Light
Closest Towns: Approximately 15 minutes from Prescott, AZ
Water: Not available. Surface water should be treated.

General Information


Upper Pasture Trail #38 can be accessed via Little Granite Mountain Trail #37. From its intersection with Williamson Valley Road travel northwest on Iron Springs Road 1.5 miles to Granite Basin Road. Continue another 3.0 miles on Iron Springs Road to the trailhead on the right. Parking is good, with room for 5-7 vehicles. Road conditions are paved.

General Notes:


Mountain Biking

  • A scenic trail west of Little Granite Mountain that can be ridden as a loop with Trail #37 and Trail #39. Portions of the trail may be severely eroded. Please use caution.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Day Hiking

  • A scenic trail west of Little Granite Mountain that can be hiked as a loop with Trail #37 and Trail #39.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Horse Riding

  • A scenic trail west of Little Granite Mountain that can be ridden as a loop with Trail #37 and Trail #39. FR 9261U is steep and uneven. Those pulling horse trailers may prefer to park on Contreras Road and ride the 1.7 miles to the trailhead.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


  Area/Length : 
1.1 miles

  Elevation : 
5,869 feet