Interlaken Historic Resort

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This historic resort is located along the southern shore of Twin Lakes. Built by John A. Staley, as the Lakeside Resort in the 1870s, this was a popular mountain hotel, ringing with laughter and music. Lush bluegrass lawns beneath towering pine and spruce, sparkling water fountains, gardens of native and cultivated flowers blooming throughout the summer enhanced the picturesque setting. In 1883, millionaire James V. Dexter, expanded Lakeside into a world-class resort, re-named the hotel Interlaken, and added 2,000 acres.

Relative luxury in a rustic mountain setting provided escape for the wealthy. Guests first journeyed by train to Granite (five miles east of Twin Lakes) where they boarded a side-seated platform wagon to the resort. A boardwalk led them from the stage stop to the hotel porch.

Culture was not forgotten at this rustic resort. Every week during the summer an orchestra came from Leadville to play in the pavilion, where oil paintings of the Civil War covered the walls. Billiard tables, inlaid with rare woods and ivory, provided another luxury. Guests could also spend their days playing cards, picnicking, horseback riding or hiking. Activites such as skating, skiing, and sleigh riding continued through the winter. Sleds driven by teams of horses brought visitors from Leadville across the frozen lake.

This area does not allow camping. Please see the Leadville Ranger District Campgrounds for a list of suitable campground choices.

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Usage: Medium-Heavy
Busiest Season: June-September
Information Center: Leadville Ranger District

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