Rim Road / Jackson Creek


Part of the trail at Rim Road - Jackson Creek 681. Background is rock formations.

Jackson Creek road (NFSR 507) is in the eastern portion of the Rampart Range Recreation Area.

At a Glance

Operational Hours: Seasonal closure information: Rampart Range road is closed annually by December 1 and remains closed throughout the winter. The road reopens when conditions are favorable for summer recreation. A target date is April 1, but weather conditions may delay opening until late-May.
Restrictions: The following restrictions apply to the Rampart Range Motorized Recreation Area:
  • An OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) registration or current license plate is required to ride on the trails. Contact Colorado State Parks at 303-866-3437 for OHV registration information.
  • A current license plate and valid driver’s license are required to ride on the roads.
  • Only vehicles 50” or less in width can be on trails.
  • All vehicles must have a U.S. Forest Service approved SPARK ARRESTOR.
  • Ride on designated trails.
Closest Towns: Indian Creek
Water: No
Restroom: No
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Appears on the following maps:
  • Pike National Forest
  • USGS Quad Devil's Head
  • National Geographic Trails Illustrated #135 (Deckers / Rampart Range)
Contact the South Platte Ranger District at 303.275.5610 for more information.


OHV Riding & Camping

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