Rosalie Trail #603


Overview map the Mount Evans Wilderness

Overview map the Mount Evans Wilderness.


The Rosalie Trail (#603) offers a variety of subalpine and alpine scenery along its course.  The trail begins either at Guanella Pass to the north, or from the Deer Creek Trailhead near the Deer Creek Campground to the south.

From Guanella Pass, take the trail leading south from the summit of the pass. As it begins to climb a steep hill, the trail veers east and south as it contours around the ridge. About a mile farther south watch for a series of marker posts through the willows as the trail gradually descends to the southeast. Eventually, the trail descends to cross Scott Gomer Creek and continues southeast over a low saddle and down the valley to join the Abyss Lake Trail (#602) coming up from the southwest. Less than a quarter mile further, the trails split, the Rosalie Trail going right and the Abyss Lake Trail going left. In 2006-2007, the trail was rerouted in the vicinity of the Abyss trail junction due to flooding of the trail by beaver activity. For this reason, the trail may not be as shown on maps.

The next stretch of the trail is steep in places as it climbs up a glacial moraine. This section of the trail has some spectacular views of Mt. Bierstadt and the sheer south flank of Mt. Evans. As the trail again begins to descend the other side, you will soon reach the upper end of the Threemile Trail. The Threemile Trail (#635) goes south, then down to Threemile Creek, and the Rosalie Trail continues southeasterly down the Deer Creek drainage. Near the Wilderness boundary, the trail rises to the north away from the creek and eventually follows an old logging road to an intersection with the Tanglewood Trail (#636). From this intersection, the Tanglewood Trail goes north up Tanglewood Creek and on to join the Roosevelt Lakes Trail (#56). The Rosalie Trail turns south and goes downstream to the Deer Creek Trailhead.

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Permit Info:

There is a mandatory self-issuing permit system in the Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wilderness areas to enable us to better manage visitation. The same type of system is also in place in other Wildernesses. The intent is to use the data obtained through the permit system to more accurately assess the amounts and types of existing Wilderness use. This enables us to better preserve their natural condition for future generations, balanced against the pressures of growing populations and increased use. These permits have no quotas associated with them nor are there any fees required to obtain them. They are available free at each trailhead. As you enter the Wilderness, fill out the provided permit and deposit the stub in the slot in the lower front of the register box. Keep the permit in your possession and please follow the Wilderness regulations found on the back.

Closest Towns: Georgetown, Grant

General Information


Guanella Pass Trailhead:

A generally crowded trailhead at the summit of Guanella Pass, it accesses the Bierstadt Trail, Rosalie Trail, and South Park/Squaretop Lakes Trail.

1) Drive west from Denver on Interstate 70. Exit at Georgetown.  Follow Clear Creek County Route 381 south 11 miles to Guanella Pass.

2) Drive west from Denver on US Hwy 285 for approximately 40 miles to Grant. Turn right on to Park County Route 62. Drive north 13.5 miles to Guanella Pass.

Deer Creek Trailhead:

This trailhead serves the Rosalie Trail and the Tanglewood Trail. A good-sized trailhead, it has adequate room for trailer parking.

Drive west from Denver on US 285 approximately 28 miles to the traffic light before the top of Crow Hill. Turn right (northwest) on to Park County Route 43 and drive in a northwesterly direction for 6.8 miles to a "Y" in the road. Bear left and drive 2.1 miles, staying right at the campground, to the parking area at the trailhead.


Accessible from the north at the Guanella Pass Trailhead, or from the south at the Deer Creek Trailhead.



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  Area/Length : 
13.4 Miles

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  Elevation : 
9,280' - 11,800'