Boustead Tunnel Observation Site


Locted at the far west end of Turquoise Lake, Boustead Tunnel conveys water collected by the West Slope Collection System under the Continental Divide and into Turquoise Lake on the East Slope. The tunnel is five miles long and has a water conveyance capacity of 945 cubic feet per second (ft/s). Eight percent of the water in the Watershed is currently diverted to the Eastern Slope.

The West Slope Collection System, located upstream of Ruedi Reservoir in the upper Fryingpan River and Hunter Creek watersheds, is a series of 16 stream diversion structures and eight tunnels. The system collects spring snowmelt runoff by gravity and directs it to the Boustead Tunnel.

This area does not allow camping. Please see the Leadville Ranger Dsitrict Campgrounds for a list of suitable campground choices.

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