Crestone, CO

Area Status: Open

Crestone is 12 miles east of Highway 17. Turn east at the Town of Moffat.

At a Glance

Area Amenities: Picnic tables, Toilets


Campground Camping

Status: Open
Status description: often experiences full occupancy

Areas for Campground Camping at Crestone, CO

Dispersed Camping

Areas for Dispersed Camping at Crestone, CO

Cabin Rentals

Areas for Cabin Rentals at Crestone, CO

Mountain Climbing

Areas for Mountain Climbing at Crestone, CO

Big Game Hunting

Areas for Big Game Hunting at Crestone, CO

Viewing Wildlife

Areas for Viewing Wildlife at Crestone, CO

Viewing Plants

Areas for Viewing Plants at Crestone, CO

Viewing Scenery

Areas for Viewing Scenery at Crestone, CO


Areas for Picnicking at Crestone, CO

Scenic Driving

Areas for Scenic Driving at Crestone, CO


Picnic tables:

Recreation Areas

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