Venable Lake Trail #859

Area Status: Open

The Venable Lake Trail is 1.3 miles long. It begins at Forest Trail #747 and ends at Forest Boundary. Trail exists as a connector between North Crestone drainage and Venable Lakes. It travels mostly through alpine vegetation and rugged high terrain. Scenery is spectacular. There are no good campsites along this route. Thuderstorms present a potential hazard in open areas.  The scenery traveled over this route is spectacular; having a camera is highly recommended.

The trail is open for the following uses: Hiking, Horseback Riding, and Viewing Scenery

At a Glance

Closest Towns: Crestone, CO

General Information

Via North Fork Crestone Trail #747 or Venable-Comanche Trail (San Isabel NF).


Day Hiking

Difficulty Level: Difficult


Difficulty Level: Difficult

Horse Riding

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Viewing Scenery

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


  Area/Length : 
1.3 miles

  Elevation : 
11,600 - 12,500