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The first 3.5 miles, from Creede to Inspiration Point, to the locals this trail is affectionately known as “Perspiration Point” because the tongue-dragging hike is steep and contains a seemingly endless number of switchbacks. The trail often travels across jeep trails and at two points the trail overlaps the road. Watch for well placed markers and signs. They will guide you to the top.

The first mile climbs across a long, open hillside and offers virtually no shade. Compensation comes in the form of spectacular views of the Town of Creede as well as the Rio Grande River Valley.

From .9 miles to 1.1 miles, the trail is a bit dim. Trust the markers.  At 1.1 miles, large groves of aspen and spruce provide welcome shade for the remainder of the hike. From 1.5 miles to the top, hikers will traverse several sections of rocky terrain. Even though the trail is well established in these areas, care should be taken.

At 3.5 miles, travelers will arrive at Inspiration Point.  So called, because the views from this rock promontory are truly inspirational. From this vantage point, visitors have unobstructed views of the Town of Creede, Mineral Count’s Historic Mining District, all the high mountains surrounding Creede and the legendary Rio Grande River. Bring your camera or your video. You’ll want to capture these views.   

While there are some good sites at Inspiration Point, camping is not recommended here because there is no water. Good camping opportunities are generally not available until one reaches the Wason Park area.

From Inspiration Point, the trail to Wason Park is well established and easy to follow. The trail follows the ridge between the Dry Gulch and East Willow Drainages. At the head of Dry Gulch, the trail enters an open burn area. Beautiful “skeletons’ of burned trees dot the landscape for the next ½ mile.

Access to Wheeler Geologic Area and the La Garita Wilderness is possible via this trail. After hiking a mile through grassy fields with scattered groves of spruce and fir trees, the trail enters the vast open meadows of Wason Park. Wason Park is approximately 3 miles in length.

The incomparable La Garita Mountains rise to the north and at the junction of FDT#801 (Farmer’s Creek Trail), the Wheeler Geologic Area can be seen for the first time.

From the Farmer’s Creek Trail, the Wason/Wheeler Trail traverses several small tributaries of West Bellows Creek. After crossing the tributaries, the trail enters a dense stand of old growth timber. One half mile on, the Wason/Wheeler Trail joins the marked path that travels through the Wheeler Geologic Area.

This trail is open for foot and horse use.

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Directions to the west end, Creede: Trailhead is located east of the Creede Service Station on Highway 149.

Directions from Creede to east end: travel south from Creede on Highway 149 for 7.3 miles to FDR#600 (Pool Table Road). Go approximately 9.5 miles northwest on Pool Table Road to the Hanson’s Mill Trailhead. You will need to traverse the East Bellows Trail #790 8.4 miles to the Geologic Area where the trails intersect. The speed Limit on all Forest Service Roads is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted.

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8900 - 11200