Bull Gap Trail #1017

Bull Gap is a prominent saddle on the ridge between Neil Creek and Ashland Creek. From the mid 1930s to early 1960s the route of the Bull Gap Trail was part of the old "Mount Ashland Loop Road." Built by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), it was the only route to Mount Ashland from town. There was once a picnic area and fountain (abandoned ca. 1971) at the site of the present trailhead. The old road had been closed to motorized traffic for many years and became popular with mountain bikers and Nordic skiers. In 1993 it was converted to the trail system and a picnic site was constructed to provide trailhead parking. It’s still a pleasant picnic spot, and you’ll find a rustic table there. The old road, narrowed and grown over some with vegetation, is a nice walk as well as a prominent mountain bike route. From the trailhead it winds 2.5 miles and climbs 110 feet to the Mount Ashland Ski Lodge and parking lot.

When traveling the route in reverse, begin at the Mount Ashland parking lot near the ski lodge, look for the trailhead sign near the closed gate between the lodge and rental shop. Follow the dirt road marked with blue markers (Nordic ski trail markers) and traverse just below the lodge to the north. Stay on the road. Just below the ski area boundary the trail enters the forest. From this point the blue markers leave off and the trail is easily followed down to Bull Gap.

Nordic Information: The 5.7 mile Bull Gap Trail links the Bull Gap Snowpark to the Mt. Ashland Ski Area. Beginning at Bull Gap Snowpark the trail follows snow covered road 2080 to Bull Gap (3.3 miles). The elevation loss is about 600 feet and the trip down is a pleasant one with some nice views, including Mt. Mcloughlin to the northeast. Bull Gap is four-way intersection at a saddle on the ridge between Neil Creek and Ashland Creek. From Bull Gap the trail turns uphill on road 200 to the left and climbs 1100 feet in 2.5 miles to the Mt. Ashland Ski Lodge. The road from Bull Gap to the Ski Lodge is not yet marked with blue diamond trailblazers, but is not difficult to follow. When skiing the route in reverse begin at the Mt. Ashland parking lot near the ski lodge, look for blue diamond trailblazers and traverse just below the lodge to the north, follow the blazers to the ski area boundary where the road enters the forest; from this point the blazers leave off, and the road is easily followed. Attractions and Considerations: The Bull Gap Trail can be incorporated into longer mountain bike loops or descents using Forest Service road 2080 (Tolman Creek Road), or 2080-200 and 2060.

The trail is located within the Ashland Watershed, which is the source of the City's water supply. Special consideration must be given to its protection. No camping or campfires are allowed. Bicycles must stay on the trail. Use of the trail by bicycles is not recommended in rainy weather when soils are wet.

When fire danger is high, the Ashland Watershed may be closed to all entry. Under these conditions the Bull Gap Trail will remain open for hikers and mountain bikers. However Forest Service road 2080-200 to the north will be closed; so if you are descending to town, use the Tolman Creek road 2080 to the east.

At a Glance

Fees: No
Open Season: June
Usage: Medium
Closest Towns: Ashland, OR
Water: Not available. Surface water should be treated.
Information Center: Siskiyou Mountains Ranger District

General Information


From Ashland, OR, drive west on Highway 66 (Ashland Street), one block to Tolman Creek Road (stop light). Turn left and continue up Tolman Creek Road about 1 mile before crossing Siskiyou Boulevard. Continue up Tolman Creek Road another 15.6 miles, mostly good gravel road, to the trailhead at Bull Gap. Note that once Tolman Creek Road enters the National Forest it is designated as Forest Road 2080.

General Notes:
  • Connecting trails: Corp Camp Trail #1007 (area is unavailable), Catwalk Trail #1003 (area is unavailable), Lithia Loop Mountain Bike Trail
  • Trail is not designed for: pack and saddle, motorized bike, ATV, 4-wheel drive, barrier free


Mountain Biking

Difficulty Level: More Difficult

Day Hiking

Difficulty Level: More Difficult

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


  Area/Length : 
5.7 miles

  Elevation : 
5,520 feet