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Siskiyou Wilderness

The United States Congress designated the Siskiyou Wilderness in 1984 and it now maintains a total of 182,628 acres. Siskiyou Wilderness is located in the highest portion of the Siskiyou Mountains in Northern California and is shared by three National Forests: Klamath, Six Rivers and Rogue River-Siskiyou.

The territory is characterized by forested ridges and high craggy peaks with lower slopes densely covered with brush. Patches of snow often linger year round on the steep northern faces of the highest peaks. The area contains fragile mountain meadows, open glades, shallow lakes, and the Wild and Scenic South Fork of the Smith River, which forms a large portion of the western boundary. Clear Creek and the headwaters of the East Fork of the Illinois River flow perennially through the Wilderness. Summer populations of steelhead attract anglers.

The region is noted for its great diversity of plant life, and includes one of the world's largest concentrations of lily species and perhaps as many as 20 species of conifers. Here grows the rare Brewers spruce known as the "weeping" spruce. Forage is limited, and stock users are advised to carry weed-free feed. Summers are usually very warm, but cold can strike any night of the year and severe storms are common year-round.

The Clear Creek National Recreation Trail crosses 20.5 miles of the northern portion and provides access to some of the more scenic parts of the Wilderness. Human use is light and concentrated on the trails that lead to lakes. Much of the area lacks trails and is difficult to access cross country because of the dense brush.

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Permit Info: State of California campfire permits are required regardless of whether inside or outside wilderness. Campfire permits are available from any Forest Service Office or California Department of Forestry station.
Restrictions: Wilderness regulations apply.
  • Maximum group size: 25 Members
  • Maximum length of stay: Camping at any one spot, site, or location is limited to 14 days per calendar year.
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Closest Towns: Crescent City, CA; Grants Pass, OR; Cave Junction, OR
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Wild Rivers Ranger District, Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

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Bear Peak, Blue Creek Mountain, Broken Rib Mountain, Chimney Rock, Devils Punchbowl, Lonesome Ridge, Polar Bear Mountain, Prescott Mountain, Preston Peak, Ship Mountain, Summit Valley. Download free U.S. Forest Service Topo maps.

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Please follow the wilderness regulations requirements outlined below and use Leave No Trace techniques when visiting the Siskiyou Wilderness to ensure protection of this unique area.

 Trailhead and trails that access Siskiyou Wilderness at Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

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  • The Siskiyou Wilderness is located in the highest portion of the Siskiyou Mountains in Northern California and is shared by three National Forests: the Klamath, the Six Rivers and the Rogue River-Siskiyou.


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