South Rye Trail


The South Rye Trail begins at the South Rye Sno-Park. It can be accessed from either the Fish Lake Sno-Park (0.9 mile via Lund's Link) or the Summit Sno-Park (0.5 mile via the Canal Trail). Perhaps the best way to ski South Rye is to leave a car at the South Rye Sno-Park and shuttle up to Summit Sno-Park. Good snow conditions can make this a very fun run through the middle downhill section.


You must have a valid Sno–Park permit displayed near the lower left corner of the windshield of your vehicle if you park in a designated winter recreation parking area (Sno–Park) between November 1 and April 30. Oregon’s Sno–Park Program is funded entirely by the sale of Sno– Park permits. The program provides funds for snow removal in Sno–Parks and enforcement of the permit requirement. Permits are sold at all DMV offices and by permit sales agents at various resorts, sporting goods stores and other retail outlets. Sales agents may charge an additional service fee for each permit they sell. There are three types of permits:

  • An annual permit ($25.00/year)
  • A 3-day permit ($9.00/year)
  • A one-time, daily permit ($4.00/day)


When you travel in winter conditions, you must carry chains or traction tires in or on your vehicle, and must use them, when required by the signs posted. Under some conditions, four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles may be exempt from the requirements to use chains.

For more information on Oregon’s chain and traction tire requirements, go to Oregon Department of Transportation travel web page, Tripcheck.


Traveling in Oregon’s snow country can be hazardous, especially if you are caught in a severe storm. The following checklist will help you be prepared in case you must travel during heavy snow.

  • Is there sufficient anti–freeze in your radiator?
  • Are the windshield wipers in good condition, and is the reservoir filled with winterized washer fluid?
  • Are the muffler and exhaust system in good condition? A leaking exhaust system can fill a closed car with carbon monoxide gas.
  • Is the gas tank filled? Long waits during storms are common.
  • Is the defroster in good working order?
  • Extra equipment— The following items will help you in case of an emergency, such as getting stuck in a snowbank:
    • Small shovel
    • Flares
    • Bag of sand, rock salt or a skid mat
    • Ice scraper and brush to remove ice and snow from your vehicle
    • Rags or paper towels to clean the windshield.
    • Battery booster cables
    • Warm, waterproof clothing, boots and gloves
    • Blankets
    • Flashlight with extra batteries
    • Emergency food supply
    • Extra drinking water

At a Glance

Fees No
Open Season: Year Round
Usage: Light
Closest Towns:
  • Ashland, OR
Water: Not available. Surface water should be treated.
Information Center: High Cascades Ranger District

General Information


From Ashland, OR, take Interstate 5 north 16 miles to Medford Exit 30. Follow Highway 62 north 10 miles to Highway 140. Turn right and go east 30 miles to Fish Lake. Turn right onto the plowed access road and continue 0.4 mile to the Fish Lake Sno-Park.


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  Area/Length : 
4.0 miles

  Elevation : 
4,600 feet