Hermosa Wilderness

Area Status: Not Cleared

Clear Creek Hermosa

The Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection legislation, passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in December, 2014, created both the Hermosa Creek Special Management Area and the adjacent 37,236-acre Hermosa Creek Wilderness.

The new Hermosa Creek Wilderness is very remote and rugged.  It includes two system trails: Salt Creek and Clear Creek – which total approximately 14 miles. These trails are open only to travel by foot or horseback.  No motorized or mechanized (bicycle) traffic is allowed within the Wilderness per the 1964 Wilderness Act.   

Mountain bike travel on the Colorado Trail is not affected by the new Hermosa Wilderness designation; however, mountain bikes will not be allowed on the trails that lead into Wilderness from the Colorado Trail, Hermosa Creek Trail, or other trails outside the Wilderness.

Within the Hermosa Wilderness boundary, Wilderness regulations are currently in effect and violators risk federal fines.



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