Geyser Spring Trail (648)

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Geyser Spring Trail

Geyser Spring Trail (648)

This is a non-motorized trail. Beginning at the trail head parking area, the Geyser Spring Trail starts by crossing the West Dolores River via a constructed footbridge. The trail then rises approximately 500 feet in elevation from its beginning to its terminus. There are several relatively gently sloped switchbacks that take you through a series of small meadows and aspen stands. Evidence of mining activity is apparent in the area. Please use caution and stay out of mining areas and pay close attention to cautionary signs posted in the area.

The trail ends up at a small pool fed by the only true geyser in the state of Colorado. Although the frequency of the eruptions vary, 30 to 40 minute intervals are most common. The action is slight and boils 12 to 15 minutes emitting carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gas. The temperature of the spring is usually 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit and viewing the geyser from the level of the trail is recommended (above the geyser).  See warning below.

WARNING: Periodic eruptions of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gas displace oxygen near the water’s surface. Swimming or bathing in the geyser is NOT recommended, this exposes one to these gases and could cause a loss of consciousness, and potentially death.  If you should feel light-headed or nauseous while viewing the geyser, you should leave the area immediately.

Length: 1.3 miles one way
Starting Elevation: 8600 ft
Ending Elevation: 9100 ft

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Best Season: Spring - Fall
Closest Towns: Dolores, CO
Information Center: Dolores Ranger District

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From the town of Dolores, head east on Highway 145 for 12 miles to junction of  NFSR (National Forest Service Road) #535. Turn left and travel 23.3 miles. The parking area is on the right side NFSR #535. The trailhead is 2.2 miles south of the town of Dunton.


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1.3 miles