Chicken Creek Trail (615)

Area Status: Open

The newly constructed trailhead for Chicken Creek allows vehicles a place to park off the main road. There is also a trailhead for Chicken Creek Trail (or termination of the trail, which ever way you are hiking) at Mancos State Park. Keep in mind there is a fee if you park your vehicle at Mancos State Park.The trail immediately drops into Chicken Creek drainage where it merges with the Morrison Trail. Chicken Creek Trail turns south at the bottom of the canyon and the Morrison Trail heads north. The upper portion of the Chicken Creek Trail is motorized down to the junction with the Rim Trail, approximately 1.5 miles. From that point on it becomes a non-motorized trail the rest of the way until you reach the lower end at Mancos State Park.

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Across from Transfer Campground

The Morrison and Chicken Creek trails both terminate (or begin, if your journey starts here) across from the Transfer Campground on the west side of the West Mancos Road (FDR 561), just north of the Transfer Corrals. The trails are joined for about one-half mile from the West Mancos Road to the Chicken Creek drainage.

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6.7 miles