Sharkstooth Trail (620)

Area Status: Open
Sharkstooth Trailhead

The trail climbs immediately to the pass 11,936 ft (1.8 miles) between Sharkstooth and Centennial Peaks. There is a short loop hike to Windy Williams Mine interpretive site on the way. The trail then drops to meet the junction with Bear Creek headwaters (3.6 miles) and Highline Loop Trail at 11,200 ft. The trail continues and climbs over Indian Trail Ridge at 11,900 ft to the Highline National Recreation Trail and Colorado Trail near Kennebec Pass where it terminates near Taylor Lake.The Sharkstooth Trailhead also provides access to the West Mancos Trail, which terminates at the Sharkstooth Trailhead. Access to Bear Creek Trail, Highline National Recreation Trail and Colorado Trail can also be accessed via this trailhead.


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  Area/Length : 
6.8 miles