Jemez Ranger District

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Landscape view picnic site of Jemez Ranger District

The Jemez Ranger District is home to the Jemez National Recreation Area, located within the Jemez Mountains. A drive through the district reveals multiple cultural landmarks and impressive geological formations. Red rock canyons, round peaks, colorful mesas and clear blue skies provide an inspiring backdrop. Cottonwood gallery forests dot the lower recreation sites and provide shade for anglers in the summer, turning brilliant hues of gold and yellow in the fall. In the higher elevations, quaking aspen take over and display their foliage of gold and red. Trails lead to hot springs and waterfalls, glimpses of the Valles Caldera, and majestic views of the mountains. A visit to the district will leave you enchanted by the land that the people of the Jemez Pueblo have lived in for generations.

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  • Los Griegos Trails (Map) - Located about 4.6 miles west of the entrance to the Valle Caldera National Preserve.
  • Peralta Canyon Trails (Map) - Located about 1.5 miles west of the entrance to the Valle Caldera National Preserve.
  • East Fork Trails (Map)

Areas for XC Skiing/Snowshoeing at Jemez Ranger District

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