Minidoka Ranger District

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The Minidoka Ranger District encompasses 604,168 acres of National Forest system land. Wildflowers, wildlife and recreation opportunities abound on its five unique divisions--Cassia, Albion, Sublett, Raft River and Black Pine. The Cassia Division, 40 miles south of Twin Falls, contains over 450 miles of streams, including the main Rock Creek drainage, popular with many anglers. The Albion Division, located 20 miles southeast of Burley, is home to Cache Peak (10,339 ft.), which is the tallest peak in the Albion Mountain Range. The Sublett Division, located east of Idaho Interstate 84, offers fishing and camping near Sublett Reservoir. The Raft River Division, located in northern Utah, northwest of Salt Lake City, offers an expansive view from its 9,600 ft. mountain peaks of the Great Salt Lake, Snake River Plain, the Sawtooth Mountain Range and into the state of Nevada. The Black Pine Division located east of the Albion Division and west of Idaho Interstate 84 near the Idaho/Utah border, is popular for gathering pine nuts, the gourmet snack of the pinyon pine tree which grows abundantly in the area. Recreation is undoubtedly the most popular pursuit on the Minidoka Ranger District. Summer activities include camping, picnicing, hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and all-terrain vehicle trail machine riding. Winter brings opportunities for alpine and nordic skiing, and snowmachine travel. Hunting and fishing are popular on the District. Six alpine lakes, three reservoirs, and numerous streams are included within the District boundaries. Forested areas and rangeland provide habitat for wildlife species including mule deer, moose, elk, wild turkey, bobcat, cougar, many small mammals, and a wide variety of birds. The District manages (#?) camping units in 25 developed campgrounds.  The district maintains over 341 miles of trails to meet needs for motorized and non-motorized use.


Our office, with the exception of mission-critical activities, is operating virtually. To protect the health and safety of our employees and customers, we are scheduling face-to-face meetings only if business cannot be resolved via the virtual environment. Be prepared to meet outdoors.  However, continuing our service to you during this time is very important. We are ready and available to help you!

Customer service representatives will be staffing our phone lines to provide information about the Forest or to assist your needs in ways besides face-to-face.  You can reach the Supervisors Office at 208-423-7500, the Ketchum Ranger District at 208-622-0090, the Fairfield Ranger District at 208-764-3202, the Stanley Ranger Station at 208-774-3000, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Headquarters at 208-727-5000 and the Minidoka Ranger District at 208-678-0430.

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Campground Camping

Areas for Campground Camping at Minidoka Ranger District

RV Camping

Areas for RV Camping at Minidoka Ranger District

Group Camping

Areas for Group Camping at Minidoka Ranger District

Dispersed Camping

Areas for Dispersed Camping at Minidoka Ranger District

Viewing Wildlife

Areas for Viewing Wildlife at Minidoka Ranger District

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Areas for Viewing Scenery at Minidoka Ranger District

OHV Camping

Areas for OHV Camping at Minidoka Ranger District

OHV Road Riding

Areas for OHV Road Riding at Minidoka Ranger District

OHV Trail Riding

The Third Fork complex of trails is a favorite with motorbikes and mountain bikers and receives some use by hikers and horsemen. Most of the trails follow streams and the Third Fork trailhead serves as access to most of the trails. The other trailhead which serves the complex is Porcupine Springs Campground trailhead. There are approximately 50 miles of trails of varying complexity and degree of difficulty.

Areas for OHV Trail Riding at Minidoka Ranger District

Boating - Motorized

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Boating - Non-Motorized

Areas for Boating - Non-Motorized at Minidoka Ranger District


Areas for Skiing/Snowboarding at Minidoka Ranger District

XC Skiing/Snowshoeing

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Areas for Snowmobiling at Minidoka Ranger District

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