Wood River Valley Area

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Situated just north of Ketchum, Idaho, near the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Headquarters, the Wood River Valley is host to a number of campsites including North Fork, Easley, and the Wood River group overnight area which accept reservation by visiting www.recreation.gov or by calling (877)444-6777. There are first-come, first-serve campsites including Wood River campsite, Murdock and Caribou. Double sites are offered at the North Fork, Wood River and Easley campsites. Wood River picnic area offers an area for group gatherings and celebrations. This area is wonderful for fishing in the Big Wood River, hiking and viewing wildlife and the beautiful scenery of the Big Wood River, Pioneer Mountains, Smoky Mountains and Hemingway-Boulder Mountains. 

At a Glance

Operational Hours: May-September.
Reservations: Reservations can be made for North Fork and Easley campsites as well as the Wood River group overnight area by visiting www.recreation.gov or by calling (877)444-6777. Wood River campsite, Murdock and Caribou are first-come, first-serve. 
Area Amenities: Tent camping,Picnic tables,Toilets,Drinking water,Parking
Fees: $14 per day for single sites and $28 per day for double sites at North Fork and Wood River campsites. $14 per day for Murdock campsite. $12 per day for single sites and $24 per day for double sites at Easley campsite. $12 per day for Caribou campsite.  Sawtooth NRA Camping Fees and information
Permit Info: All wilderness users must have a permit for wilderness use. You may fill out a permit at the trailhead except for groups with 8 or more people or groups with stock. They must obtain their permit from a Forest Service Office. Groups may not exceed 12 people and 14 head of stock May 1 - November 31.
Usage: Medium-Heavy
Restrictions: Motorized vehicles and bicycles are not permitted in any of the designated wilderness areas. Please keep pets on a leash.  CAMPING LIMITS: Developed campgrounds: 10 day maximum stay length for campsites. Dispersed camping: Sawtooth NRA there is a 10 day stay limit then you must move 30 miles for 30 days. Camp at least 100 feet from trails, lakes and streams. Use existing camps in high traffic areas.  FIRE: All campfires must be on a fire pan or fire blanket. Use of gas stoves is highly recommended. If you must build a fire, use only use dead and down wood. Fires damage vegetation, sterilize soil and scar the land. Campfires are not allowed: Off-trail from July 1st through Labor Day. In the following drainages: Alice/Twin Lakes, Toxaway/Farley Lakes, Goat Creek (tributary of the South Fork of the Payette River), or Alpine Creek. Within 200 yards of Sawtooth, Goat and Alpine Lakes near Iron Creek, Alpine and Saddleback Lakes in the Redfish drainage, and Scenic Lakes. SANITATION: Pack out all trash. This includes food scraps. Help remove evidence of your stay and keep the area clean. Wash 150 feet away from lakes and streams. Even "biodegradable" soap pollutes. Keep it pure! Bury human waste at least 100 feet from water sources. Cat-holes should be 6-8 inches deep and covered with soil. Properly dispose of toilet paper. We prefer that you carry it out. WILDERNESS REGULATIONS STOCK: Use proper stock containment methods. If you must tie to live trees limit it to periods of less than one hour. Stock are not to be tethered within 100 feet of springs, lakes and streams, nor grazed within 200 yards of lake shores. Keep bacteria out of water sources and protect fragile lake and stream shores. Grazing of equine stock is not allowed in the Salmon River drainage (east side of the wilderness). Feed is very limited. Carry pelletized feed. Packing in loose hay or straw is prohibited. Prevent introduction of weeds. No stock are allowed in the Goat Creek drainage (tributary of the S. Fk. of the Payette) or Alpine Creek drainage (near Alturas Lake). Help protect these fragile areas. Equine stock are not allowed overnight at Edith Lake. Help protect this fragile area. Stock are allowed in campsites only when loading and unloading. Respect other users.
Closest Towns: Ketchum, Idaho. 
Water: Potable Water
Restroom: Vault
Information Center: For information contact Recreation Resource Management of America at (928) 537-8888.

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All occupancy (includes developed/dispersed camping, boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, tents, etc): Occupancy limit is 10 days in a 30 day period within a 30 mile radius for all of SNRA.

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All occupancy (includes developed/dispersed camping, boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, tents, etc): Occupancy limit is 10 days in a 30 day period within a 30 mile radius for all of SNRA.

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