Twin Lakes Campground (Albion Division)

Area Status: Open

Please contact the Minidoka Ranger District for updated information at 208-678-0430.


Twin Lakes Picnic and Campground is a fee, non-reservation campground that can accommodate 100 visitors. The area is suitable for tent camping. The area is accessible for a season that varies usually between July through October. Amenities include toilets, fire rings, and tables, and three horse corrals. Water is not available. The campground provides access to the Skyline (# 513). The Skyline Trail is 26.2 miles in length. The trail begins at the back of the campground and ends at the City of Rocks National Reserve. It offers some of the most beautiful vistas in southern Idaho.

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Operational Hours: Please contact the Minidoka Ranger District for updated information at 208-678-0430.
Restrictions: Occupancy: The following act is prohibited within the Minidoka Ranger District: Pursuant to 36 CFR 262.58 (a), camping in any area including a developed recreation site or an undeveloped/dispersed recreation site for more than 14 (fourteen) days in a 28 (twenty-eight) day period.  A camper or a group of persons camping together must move off of National Forest lands within the Minidoka Ranger District for a minimum of 14 days after camping for 14 days.  Campers who remain longer than 14 consecutive days and/or camp more than 14 days within a 28 day period may receive violation notices and fines under the authority described under Special Order Number: 0414-01-028. For more information contact the Minidoka Ranger District Office in Burley, ID—208-678-0430. No Horses are allowed in the campground.  Limit 2 vehicles (autos) per site.  Vehicles must be parked on gravel spurs provided. Do not park on the road; do not block traffic.
Closest Towns: Albion, Idaho
Water: No Water
Operated By: Minidoka Ranger District. This campground is not part of NRRS. Call 1-208-678-0439 for more informa

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