Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness

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This special area is located in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and was designated a wilderness area, along with the White Clouds Wilderness, in 2015. The Hemingway-Boulder Wilderness is unique in its geological formations and location near the Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness and the White Clouds Wilderness. This Wilderness area is includes varous forks of the Salmon River and Big Wood River and many creeks including King Creek, Ibex Creek, and Lost Mine Canyon Creek. There are several very high elevation peaks and many deep canyons which make for wonderful habitat for numerous species of wildlife to thrive including mountain lions, wolves, mountain goats, elk, and moose. Some of the tallest peaks in the area include Galena Peak, Easley Peak, Silver Peak, Ryan Peak, Kent Peak and Glassford Peak, several of which are over 11,000 feet in elevation. There is tremendous fishing available in the rivers and creeks in the Hemingway-Boulder Wilderness as well as incredible hikes with terrific opportunities to view nature and the abundant wildlife. Photography is very popular in this wilderness area because of its unique blend of natural structures and incredible landscapes. This wilderness offers opportunities for recreational, scenic, scientific, educational, conservation and historic purposes. Motorized vehicles and bicycles are not permitted in any designated wilderness areas. 

At a Glance

Area Amenities: Tent camping
Permit Info: Permits for groups of 7 or less are not required, there is no cost, and you can sign-in at the trail heads. For parties of 8 or more, or parties with stock, a permit is required which you can apply for by contacting the Sawtooth NRA at (208)727-5000 or at a Forest Service Office in advance of your trip. There is no cost for large group permits. Groups may not exceed 20 people and 25 head of stock in the Hemingway-Boulder Wilderness.
Restrictions: CAMPING: Camp at least 100 feet from trails, lakes and streams. Use existing camps in high traffic areas. Please keep pets on a leash. Motorized vehicles and bicycles are not allowed in any of the designated wilderness areas. Camping limits: Developed campgrounds: 10 day maximum stay length for campsites. Dispersed camping: North of Galena Summit there is a 16 day camping limit and you must relocate more than 10 miles from the original site for 14 days. South of Galena Summit there is a 16 day camping limit and you may not relocate anywhere in the Ketchum Ranger District or Sawtooth NRA areas for 14 days.  FIRE: All campfires must be on a fire pan, fire blanket or use existing fire rings. Use of gas stoves is highly recommended. If you must build a fire, use only use dead and down wood. Fires damage vegetation, sterilize soil and scar the land. Campfires are not allowed within 100 yards of lakes. Wood is limited in these high alpine areas.  SANITATION: Pack out all trash. This includes food scraps. Help remove evidence of your stay and keep the area clean. Wash 150 feet away from lakes and streams. Even "biodegradable" soap pollutes. Keep it pure! Bury human waste at least 100 feet from water sources. Cat-holes should be 6-8 inches deep and covered with soil. Properly dispose of toilet paper. We prefer that you carry it out. STOCK: Use proper stock containment methods. If you must tie to live trees limit it to periods of less than one hour. Stock are not to be tethered within 100 feet of springs, lakes and streams, nor grazed within 200 yards of lake shores. Keep bacteria out of water sources and protect fragile lake and stream shores. Grazing of equine stock is not allowed in the Salmon River drainage (east side of the wilderness). Feed is very limited. Carry pelletized feed. Prevent introduction of weeds. Help protect these fragile areas. Stock are allowed in campsites only when loading and unloading. Respect other users.
Closest Towns: Ketchum, Idaho or Stanley, Idaho. 
Information Center: For information please contact the Sawtooth NRA at (208)727-5000, the Ketchum Ranger Station at (208)622-0090, Stanley Ranger Station at (208)774-3000, or the supervisors office at (208)737-3200.

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