Little Kane Creek Trail #63


This trail begins at:

  1. Burnt Aspen-Kane Trail Junction; or
  2. Boulder Creek Trail stargin at Wildhorse Road #136.

The trail ends at Boulder Creek - Little Kane Summit.

Wildhorse Campground is within 1/2 mile of access #2.  It has two dispersed campsites within 1/4/ mile.  Stock is not advisable at this time.

This trail follows Little Kane Creek dotted with lodge pole pine, past open meadows, to the head of Little Kane. From this point, only the determined forest visitor will wish to continue.  The trail turns into loose shale and follows numerous switchbacks. The access to Boulder and Washington Lakes from the head of Boulder Creek Trail will lead uphill. Washington Lakes will be straight ahead and Boulder Lake will be to the left of the trail. The avid fisherman will want to make the effort to continue on to these lakes and try for the "big one". Deer, coyotes, mountain lions, bears and mountain goats have been spotted here.

At a Glance

Open Season: Early July
Water: Drinking water at access #2

General Information


Parking is available at access #2.


Parking is available at access #2



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Horse Riding & Camping

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Horse Riding

General Info:


Parking is available at access #2

Difficulty Level: Easy to Difficult


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Nature Viewing

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Areas & Activities


  Area/Length : 
3.5 miles

  Elevation : 
8,200 feet