Jordan Lookout Trail

Area Status: Closed

31E35 The Jordan Lookout trail is 0.9 miles long. It begins at Jordan Lookout Tower and ends at 31e24. This trail is short but steep and ends at the Jordan Peak Fire Lookout. (Area impacted by the fire. Lookout destroyed.) The trailhead is at the end of road 20S71 which leaves from the North Road 21S50 about halfway between the Clicks Creek and Summit Trailheads. (ROG says 1.2 miles long). The trail is open for the following uses: Mountain Biking.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Western Divide Ranger District
Usage: Light-Medium


Mountain Biking

Day Hiking

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  Area/Length : 
0.9 miles

  Elevation : 
8600 - 9115