Hart's Cove Trail #1303

Area Status: Open

This scenic trail descends about 900 feet in elevation through a Sitka Spruce-Western Hemlock rain forest, crosses two seasonal creeks and ends at a prairie headland overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Chitwood Falls cascades off the backside cliff at Hart's Cove. An unseen cove to the south resounds with the barking of sea lions. The strenuous trail traverses steep forested hillsides to a grassy meadow on the ocean’s edge.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Due to a landslide in 2021, Forest Road 1861, which accesses the Rainforest Trail #1310 - Road 1861 Trailhead, Hart’s Cove Trail #1303 and Hart’s Cove Trailhead, is closed to vehicle traffic from Hwy 101. The landslide washed out a section of the road approximately half a mile from Highway 101, creating impassable conditions. Hart’s Cove Trail #1303 can be accessed by hiking the Rainforest Trail #1310. Tillamook County emergency response is limited in the Cascade Head area due to restricted access to FSR 1861 and cell service is limited. See map for details.
Open Season: July 16 - December 31
Restrictions: Day use only. No overnight camping or parking.
Closest Towns: Hebo, OR
Water: No
Restroom: No
Information Center: Hebo Ranger District
31525 Hwy 22
Hebo, OR 97122

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Access to this trail is at Hart's Cove Trailhead .

A map of the Cascade Head / Harts Cove Seasonal Closure

Trail Map (Geospatial PDF)

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Day Hiking

Difficulty Level: Difficult

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  Area/Length : 
2.7 miles

  Elevation : 
1,000 feet to 180 feet