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Smith River National Recreation Area


A kayak floats the jade-green waters of the Smith River at the confluence of the middle &south forks

Recreational activities abound in the Smith River NRA. The beautiful Smith River offers fishing for steelhead, trout, and salmon. During the summer months, the pure, clean waters of the Smith River are perfect for swimming, rafting, or fishing and the forested mountainsides present occasions for hiking, bird watching, wildflower walks, or perhaps just lounging in the sun.

Winter temperatures drop into the 40s and 50s, with an occasional snow storm. The rainy season normally runs from October through April with an average annual rainfall of 92.55 inches. Summers are dry with highs in the 80-100 degree range. Contact the National Recreation Area Headquarters at the Gasquet Ranger Station for current weather conditions.

Camping Guide - Smith River NRA, rev. 4/2015 - PDF

Campsite Spur Dimensions - Smith River NRA, rev. 1-2015 - PDF

Trail Guide - Smith River NRA, rev. 2-2002 - PDF

River Access Trails - Smith River NRA, rev. 8-2014 - PDF

River Access Trails - Smith River NRA, rev. 8-2014 - Word

Lakes - Smith River NRA, rev. 3-2003 - PDF

Things to Do in an Hour or Two - Smith River NRA, rev. 2-2003 - PDF

Darlingtonia Trail - Smith River NRA, rev. 3-2003 - PDF

Myrtle Creek Trail - Smith River NRA, rev. 2-2000 - PDF

Bear Basin Lookout and Pierson Cabin Brochure, rev. 2-2015 - PDF

Fish of the Smith River, rev. 12/2002 - PDF



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