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Trumbull Peak Special Interest Area not only combines a rich history of fighting forest fires and logging timber, but also offers a haven for rare wildflowers and provides sweeping views of the Merced River Canyon. At the top of Trumbull Peak is an old 45-foot-tall fire lookout tower, one of only a few such towers still standing in California. The peak provides overlooks the Merced River with a clear view into Yosemite Valley. The lookout tower, built in 1934-35, offers a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding countryside. Trumbull Peak is also home to over one hundred species of wildflowers, shrubs, and trees. 

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Current Conditions: Groveland Ranger District (HWY 120) No public motorized access from Dec. 15 to April 15 due to seasonal road closures.
Restrictions: No overnight camping. Please help us protect rare wildflowers by walking only on the path and refraining from climbing on the rocks and cliffs. Please do not pick or dig up plants. They require the special soils of Trumbull Peak to grow successfully, and will die if transplanted to a garden setting. Please help us prevent the introduction of other non-native species by ensuring that your vehicle, your shoe treads, and your hiking equipment are free of mud and plant materials before you embark on your trip to Trumbull Peak.
Water: No potable water available
Restroom: No restrooms available

General Information


It is strongly recommended that you obtain a Stanislaus National Forest Map prior to traveling to Trumbull Peak. Trumbull Peak is accessible by unsurfaced forest roads from April 15 to December 15 depending on weather. 

From the Groveland Ranger Station, drive east on State Highway 120 approximately twelve miles to the second Hardin Flat Road intersection. Turn right onto Hardin Flat road and take the first left onto Road 2S30 (Crocker Ridge Road) that is paved for about eight miles. The pavement ends at a large intersection on Pilot Ridge. Follow the signs to the left onto Road 1S12 toward Trumbull Peak for another eight miles. About a mile past Ned's Gulch, take the right fork of the road onto Road 2S20. continue on 2S20 to the base of Trumbull Peak.

To view the incline, park here and follow the trail along the railroad grade. To reach the summit of Trumbull Peak, take Road 3S04, which climbs steeply from this point for about three-fourths of a mile to the top. There is room to park only two or three vehicles. The fire lookout is reached by trail from the parking area.

Enjoy your day on Trumbull Peak. Please help us protect the important values of this Special Interest Area by stayin on the trails. Remember that the plants and historic artifacts you see are on public land and are there for the benefit for everyone to appreciate. Please leave artifacts, plants, and other features the way you find them so that others may enjoy and learn from them. It is illegal to damage or remove plants or artifacts from the Stanislaus National Forest. Feel free to capture your experience with photos or sketches.

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Trumbull Peak Lookout
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Trumbull Peak

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