McCloud Reservoir

Area Status: Open
This area is Open

A view of a quiet lake surrounded by tree covered hills.

Species Present: Rainbow Trout, German Brown Trout.

Seasons: Open all year. Bag limit: 5 per day, 10 in possession. California Department of Fish and Game Fishing Regulations

The McCloud Reservoir is very popular, especially during the summer months.  It's distinct green color is due to suspended sand, volcanic ash and other particulate matter.  If water or jet skiing, please be courteous of kayakers and small boats.  We recommend and ask that these and other fast boat activities be kept downstream of the big island.  Do not park in the red slashed area and please do not park in a boat trailer slip if in a passenger car.  You must have either a valid day use permit (Can be purchased on site at the kiosk near the restroom) or an annual parking permit (can by purchased at the MCRD or MSRD office) to park at the facility when the dock is in.

Access: Please note: The area above the lake and below AH-DI-NA campground is private property. Please respect the rights of the property owners.  The 11 road to the reservoir is not plowed and caution should be taken during the winter.

Camping:  Most camping associated with the McCloud Area is associated with the Upper McCloud River Loop.  Most camping along the McCloud River is "first-come, first-served (FCFS)" and have a 14-day stay limit.  Fowlers Campground and Camp 4 are reservable at  AhDiNa and Ash Camp are located on the lower river and are both FCFS.

Directions to AH-DI-NA campground: From the town of McCloud, drive south on Squaw Valley Road to McCloud Reservoir. Turn right on a dirt road and follow signs to Ah-Di-Na. The trip is 18 miles and takes approximately one hour.

Water level is very low.  Patio boats are not advised at this time.

The Dock is currently OUT. 

No Camping at Boat Ramp/Parking facilities.

At a Glance

Operational Hours: No overnight camping allowed at the facility.
Reservations: None
Fees 5.00 per day to use the boat ramp and/or parking area when the dock is in. This includes bank fishing, swimming, rafting, kayaking, sightseeing, etc.

General Information

General Notes:

Operators of larger or ski boats are asked to pay attention to and respect the smaller boats on the lake.  Keep your speed down.  We recommend skiing and racing around is done on the south or down stream side of the lake after the large island.  Beware of islands in the shallows when the water is low.  Please obey all boater safety laws.



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