Pincushion Mountain Trails


Pincushion Mountain provides a spectacular view down the mountain to the town of Grand Marias and its harbor and lighthouse.  Picnic tables and hiking trails make this a great stop for lunch on the way up the Gunflint Trail.

The Pincushion Mountain Singletrack Mountain Bike Trails begin from this trailhead.  Click here for a map of these trails (on second page).

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Mountain Biking

There are about 6 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails starting from the trailhead at Pincushion.  Hikers may be found on these trails, so be watchful for them.  The trail intersects the Pincushion XC ski trail system.  In dry conditions, some ski trails may be used by bikes, but they are not designed for bicycles.  If you see that the ski trail surface is too soft and you might cause erosion, please use only the bike trails.  Also, be aware that the mountain bike trail maps do not show the entire ski trail system, and it is very easy to lose your way on the ski trails.  

Usage: Please help control erosion by not using mountain bike trails when wet or soft.


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