Laurentian Fall Color Tour


Near Brimson on the Laurentian Fall Color Tour

The Laurentian Fall Color Tour takes travelers down both larger state and county highways as well as smaller Forest Service roads.  It passes several great places to stop along the way and either picnic or hike depending on your need for food or exercise!  The Recreational Opportunity Guide for the tour gives a descriptive account of the tour, but would be best if supplemented with a Forest Map.  Select Maps and Publications from the left sidebar for more information on obtaining a Forest Map.

Where Am I?

Roads in the Forest are designated in several ways. The name of the road is usually found on street signs at intersections, and is used on some brown navigational signs in the Forest. The road number is used on the majority of brown navigational signs in the Forest, and is often found on a plastic lath type marker post alongside the road within a few yards of intersections.

A single road may have along its length different road numbers as it crosses county lines (for example, the Cramer Road is County 7 in Lake County and County 8 in Cook County) and/or different names with the same road number (again, the Cramer Road is County 7 for part of its length, then it becomes the Perent Lake Road but is still designated as County 7).

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Fall is now over for 2017, and the color tour signs have been taken down. 
Open Season: September - November
Best Season: Mid September to first week in October

General Information

General Notes:

Please be courteous when on the road.  If you are driving slowly to look at the leaves, pull over and let other faster cars pass.  Do not leave your car blocking the roadway, or leave your doors open when you get out to take pictures.  Be on the alert for, and yield to, logging trucks.  Many of the best roads for fall foliage are narrow and winding, so share the road with others who may be more interested in getting home, or going to work, than in the leaves.


Scenic Driving

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Scenic Driving