All Gunflint Area Lakes with Boat Access

A family in a boat fishing on a lake

Many lakes in the Gunflint Ranger District have boat ramps and docks suitable for launching a trailered boat.  These lakes are open for use by motorized boats, but of course are also available for non-motorized boating also.  Most of these lakes have minimal aids to navigation, so be aware of your depth and the presence of rocks.

Lakes with carry down access outside of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area are also open to motorized boat use, but you will have to carry the boat and motor.  Some accesses are right off the road, but some are long trails or portages from other lakes.

Some of the lakes also have 'backcountry' campsites on their shores, often accessible only by boat.  Visit our Dispersed Camping pdf or page for more information on these campsites.

The map and table below give information on lakes with boat access.  Look under the 'Access' columns to find lakes with boat ramps, and under 'Facilities' to find lakes with campsites.  Map reference letters and numbers match those used on the Forest Map which you may purchase.  The grid also corresponds to latitude and longitude for GPS use and to the USGS map quadrangles.  The same map and table as well as other information can be seen as an ADA compliant pdf file suitable for reading electronically or printing; click here to load.


A map of lakes on the Tofte and Gunflint Districts with boat access

Click the preview map above for a larger, readable version.

A table showing Gunflint District lakes with boat access

For more details on these lakes, we suggest visiting the Minnesota DNR's Lake Finder site.

At a Glance

Permit Info: All boats in Minnesota, motorized or not, require a valid license properly displayed.
Information Center: Gunflint Ranger District Email | Call | Address | Webpage


Boating - Motorized

Boat ramps are usually concrete and have a dock for mooring your boat next to the ramp.  Most of these boat launches have a vault toilet (outhouse).

Docks are pulled during the winter, but the ramp is available whenever the ice is out.

Parking varies widely, but usually ample trailer parking is provided for the typical amount of use the lake receives.  If you are not using a trailer, please do not use 'trailer only' sections of parking areas.

Boating - Non-Motorized

Non- motorized boats may also use the boat launch area to access these lakes.

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