Sugarbush (Britton, Moose Fence, Oberg) Ski Trails

The Sugarbush Ski Trails is a huge area of cross country ski trails with 60 km of trail.  There are trailheads at Britton Peak, the Moose Fence interpretive site, and Oberg Mountain.  There are distances and skill levels to match every skier from a novice headed out over lunch to a serious skier headed out for the day.  There is also snowshoeing on the Superior Hiking Trail and a section of ski trail up Carlton Peak where skijoring is permitted.  Trails are groomed for both classic and skate skiing.  Some of the trails are very long with no crossing trails or shortcuts back, and cell phone reception is sporadic.  Before setting out on a long trail, be sure you have adequate equipment to deal with an emergency and someone knows where you are and when you are expected to return.

Access is from three parking lots.  On the Sawbill Trail (Co 2) there is a lot at Britton Peak with restroom facilities.  Farther north on the Sawbill is a parking lot at the 'Moose Fence', so named for a fence built to keep browsing moose out of an experimental plot of disease resistant white pine.  To the east, there is a parking lot, restroom, and warming house off the Onion River Rd. at the Oberg and LeVeaux Mountain Trails trailhead.  The warming house is a historic Ranger Station cabin built around 1920 at Sawbill Lake.  The one room structure was home and office for a Forest Service Ranger in the area.  There is a woodstove and wood available to burn.  Please do not overfill the stove, and be careful with fire in the historic wooden structure.

A map of the Sugarbush ski trails.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: For current conditions and maps, visit the Sugarbush Trail Association's webpage. Warming hut will be closed for the 2020-2021 ski season.
Fees: See permit section below.
Permit Info: The Sugarbush (Moose Fence) Ski Trails require a Great Minnesota Ski Pass.  Funds from the Pass go directly to trail maintenance and grooming.
Information Center: Tofte Ranger District Email | Call | Address | Webpage

General Information

General Notes:

Georeferenced PDF (GeoPDF or Avenza) maps are digital maps made to download and use with geolocation wayfinding apps such as Avenza.  Once downloaded into a phone or digital device, a wayfinding app can place a dot on the map right where you are, even without a cell or wifi connection.

Digital maps are not intended as primary sources of navigation.  Always bring a hard copy map with you.  Batteries will go dead, especially in cold weather.

Download a georeferenced pdf of the Sugarbush Ski Trails.



The Sugarbush Ski Trails have a designated skijoring route which leaves from the Britten Peak parking lot and heads east across the Sawbill Trail towards Carlton Peak.

XC Skiing/Snowshoeing

Skiing the Sugarbush Trails is a wonderful north woods experience.  You can go for a half an hour or a whole day.  Be sure to bring a map and compass, a GPS if you have one, and plenty of water.  

The designated snowshoe trail in the area is the Superior Hiking Trail.  This trail can be rocky in places, so make sure there is adequate snow. Some areas are near steep cliffs and you may be on snow covered bare rock.  Snowshoes can be slippery, so use caution when near cliffs.

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