Foresthill Divide Road

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The recreation information for the Tahoe National Forest is primarily provided by travel corridor.  The main travel corridors are:  Interstate 80, Highway 49, Highway 20, Highway 89 (North and South), Foresthill Divide Road, Mosquito Ridge Road, Bowman Road, Marysville Road, and Gold Lakes Road.

The Gate at China Wall is open

Foresthill Divide Road
The Foresthill Divide Road extends from the town of Foresthill east to Robinson Flat Campground and then veers to the north and intersects old Highway 40 near Soda Springs.  Much of the north eastern part of this corridor is not paved.  Campgrounds, picnic sites, reservoirs, OHV trails, and access trails into the North Fork American Wild and Scenic River are available along the Foresthill Divide Road. 

Activities such as camping and hiking are listed below for this corridor.   



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Camping & Cabins

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Campground Camping

Areas for Campground Camping at Foresthill Divide Road

Group Camping

Areas for Group Camping at Foresthill Divide Road


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Horse Riding & Camping

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OHV Riding & Camping

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Outdoor Learning

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Water Activities

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Winter Sports

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