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Beacroft Trail

Area Status: Open
This area is Open

The Beacroft trail is 2.36 miles long. It begins at Forest Road 88-036 off of Foresthill Divide and ends at the American River Trail. The trail is open for the following uses: Hiking.

UPDATE: 5/21/2018 -

UPDATE: 5/22/2018  In 2017 trail crews spent 16 days clearing the Mumford Bar Trail and portions of the American River Trail. In the spring of 2018 our crews spent another 16 days clearing the Beacroft Trail and the American River Trail. They are currently in great condition. There is a .4 mile stretch of the American River trail that was not completed between the Mumford and Beacroft Trails that is overgrown but passable. There is pink flagging you can follow if the trail is difficult to find through this portion.  

More clearing projects are planned for the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019. Individuals interested in volunteering can contact the American River Ranger District Trails Manager Matt Brownlee.

At a Glance

Permit Info: Campfire permits are required for campfires, backpacking stoves, BBQs and lanterns  
Usage: Light
Restrictions: Difficulty Level: Most Difficult Use Level: Light 
Information Center: For more information, follow this link to a brochure on trails.

General Information


Trail Access - From Interstate 80, take the Foresthill exit to Foresthill Road and proceed 15.5 miles to the Foresthill Ranger Station. Continue 21 miles on Foresthill Road and turn left.  The trailhead is up the rocky road. 

General Notes:

Trail description: This is a very steep and difficult trail, which involves numerous switchbacks. As you start down the trail, you will cross the Iowa Hill ditch. Further on you will see clusters of ferns beside the small streams.  At the bottom of the trail at the river, you may continue upstream toward Sailor Flat, or downstream towards Mumford Bar on the American River Trail.  Good fishing is available at times and limited camping is available along the trail. Campfire permits are required for campfires, backpacking stoves, BBQs and lanterns

Elevation: 5463 to 2870 feet

Difficulty: Most Difficult

Topo Maps: Duncan Peak 

For More Information: American River Ranger District

Foresthill Ranger Station

22830 Foresthill Road

Foresthill, CA 95631

(530) 367-2224

(530) 367-2226  TDD   


NOTE: Water is often not available along the route.  Only water from developed systems at recreation sites is maintained safe to drink.  Open water sources are easily contaminated by human or animal waste.  Water from springs, lakes, ponds, and streams should be properly treated before drinking.  You may wish to carry water with you.  Another method of treatment is to use a backpacker’s water filter.  However, the best way is to bring to water to a full boil for 5 minutes. 



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