Rock Creek Nature Trail

Area Status: Open

The Rock Creek Nature trail is 0.8 miles long. It begins at Forest Road 20-3 and ends at Loop Trail; 09e09 Rock Creek Nature Trail. The trail is open for the following uses: Hiking

At a Glance

Area Amenities: Accessible, Toilets

General Information


Picnic area, restrooms and native surfaced nature trail with very challenging grades.

General Notes:

The 3/4-mile loop trail is mostly cool, shady, and level.  Use this guide in conjunction with the numbered stops along the way to learn and explore the diverse ecosystems found here.  Many of the stops ask you to become involved in discovery and learning activities.  Stop often to enjoy your surroundings.  The forest invites you to look, listen, smell, and feel the many kinds of forest life.


The overall theme of this trail is that of ECOSYSTEMS.  An ecosystem is a complex community of plants and animals living and interacting with the soil, climate, air, sunlight, and water systems around them.  Ecosystems can be large (the size of the earth) or small (a cubic foot of soil).  Smaller ecosystems are part of larger ecosystems. 


Drive east 7 1/2 miles from Nevada City on Highway 20.  Look for the Washington Ridge Conservation Camp sign on the left.  Turn in here and follow the paved road for 1 mile.  Turn left onto a gravel road that will take you another mile down into the canyon and parking lot.  On the way out, follow the one-way road down canyon which brings you back to Highway 20 near the Five Mile House.


Day Hiking


Accessible: Picnic area, restrooms and native surfaced nature trail with very challenging grades

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0.8 miles

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