Mosquito Ridge Road

Area Status: Temporarily Closed

The recreation information for the Tahoe National Forest is primarily provided by travel corridor. The main travel corridors are: Interstate 80, Highway 49, Highway 20, Highway 89 (North and South), Foresthill Divide Road, Mosquito Ridge Road, Bowman Road, Marysville Road, and Gold Lakes Road.

Mosquito Ridge Road
Mosquito Ridge Road heads east from the town of Foresthill to French Meadows Reservoir. It is a twisty, curvy mountain road and provides access to the Middle Fork American River as well as the Big Trees, the most northerly grove of Giant Sequoias, and the recreation facilities at French Meadows Reservoir. It also provides access to the Granite Chief Wilderness.

Activities such as camping and hiking are listed below for this corridor

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Current Conditions: Icy conditions may exist
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Mountain Biking

Areas for Mountain Biking at Mosquito Ridge Road

Campground Camping

Areas for Campground Camping at Mosquito Ridge Road

Group Camping

Areas for Group Camping at Mosquito Ridge Road

Lake and Pond Fishing

Horse Riding

Areas for Horse Riding at Mosquito Ridge Road


Areas for Picnicking at Mosquito Ridge Road

Boating - Motorized

Areas for Boating - Motorized at Mosquito Ridge Road

Boating - Non-Motorized

Areas for Boating - Non-Motorized at Mosquito Ridge Road


Areas for Swimming at Mosquito Ridge Road


Areas for Waterskiing at Mosquito Ridge Road

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