Highway 89, South

Area Status: Open

The recreation information for the Tahoe National Forest is primarily provided by travel corridor.  The main travel corridors are:  Interstate 80, Highway 49, Highway 20, Highway 89 (North and South), Foresthill Divide Road, Mosquito Ridge Road, Bowman Road, Marysville Road, and Gold Lakes Road.   

Highway 89
Highway 89 starts its journey through the Tahoe National Forest near Tahoe City on Lake Tahoe and travels north through Truckee and Sierraville Ranger Districts into the Plumas National Forest.  A host of campgrounds, winter and summer trail heads, ski resorts, reservoirs, a motorcycle area, and picnic sites are available. Highway 89 South follows the Truckee River and accesses trails into the Granite Chief Wilderness.  Also included in this corridor section are trails located in the Barker Pass and Rubicon areas which are accessed from Lake Tahoe. 

Activities such as camping, mountain biking, off road vehicle riding and hiking are listed below for this corridor.   


Mountain Biking

Areas for Mountain Biking at Highway 89, South

Campground Camping

Areas for Campground Camping at Highway 89, South

River and Stream Fishing

Areas for River and Stream Fishing at Highway 89, South

Horse Riding

Areas for Horse Riding at Highway 89, South

OHV Trail Riding

Areas for OHV Trail Riding at Highway 89, South


Areas for Picnicking at Highway 89, South

Scenic Driving

Areas for Scenic Driving at Highway 89, South


Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities