Cascade Creek Trail

PRD Cascade Creek Trail

The Cascade Creek Trail is 4.1 miles long. The trail leaves Cascade Creek Cabin though spruce and hemlock forest, then follows the shoreline to the tidewater trailhead located 0.25 miles from the cabin. From the beach the trail follows Cascade Creek 0.25 miles to the lower falls; as it continues up the creek it gets steeper and more difficult to hike. A bridge spans the creek at the 0.25 mile point and continues upslope along the opposite side of the creek. This portion is more difficult to hike as it ascends rapidly and has more primitive development.

About 2.5 miles from the cabin trailhead you will reach a trail junction with the main trail to the right that takes you to the lower or west end of Falls Lake. You can row the boat provided to the upper or east end of the lake where the trail leads to Falls Lake Shelter and on up to the Cascade Creek Trail. Back at the junction, an alternate route bypasses Falls Lake to a high elevation muskeg with spectacular views of Petersburg and Fredrick Sound. This section of trail is minimally developed and very challenging.

Approximately 0.5 miles from the first junction is the second Falls Lake junction; the trail to the right leads 0.25 miles down to the Falls Lake Shelter, then another 0.25 miles to Falls Lake.  The main trail continues to the left and crosses a small lake providing views of cliffs and waterfalls, then follows Cascade Creek for 1 mile to the Swan Lake trailhead. The three-sided Adirondack-style shelter at Falls Lake is for day or overnight use and there is no fee.

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Operated By: Tongass National Forest - Petersburg Ranger District

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There are three access point to the Cascade Creek Trail: by boat or floatplane to Cascade Creek Cabin trailhead; by boat or floatplane to the tidewater trailhead near the mouth of the creek; and by floatplane to the trailhead west of Swan Lake or skiff from Swan Lake Cabin. All three trailheads are marked with red and white diamond markers. Cascade Creek and the cabin are about 16 air miles northeast of Petersburg in Thomas Bay.

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Lake and Pond Fishing

The trail accesses Falls Lake and Swan Lake primarily for rainbow trout fishing. Check with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at for the most current regulations.
Fishing Mode Boat and bank
Fishing Method Fly, bait, and lure fishing

Day Hiking

The Cascade Creek Trail is 4.1 miles long. It begins at Cascade Creek Cabin and ends at Swan Lake. The trail offers beautiful views of the creek as if falls through the canyon. Both Falls and Swan Lake offer excellent rainbow trout fishing. The three-sided Adirondack-style shelter at Falls Lake is for overnight use and there is no fee.

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4.1 miles

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1514 feet