Cave Creek Ranger District

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Cave Creek Ranger District


Cave Creek Ranger District is the first district on Tonto National Forest. It is located in the farthest left hand corner of the forest, and is notable for the water, hiking, and horseback riding recreation. It consists of over 570,000 acres (approximately 230,000 hectares) of Desert, Semi-Desert Grassland, Chaparral, and Pinyon-Juniper types of vegetation. The Verde River flows through this entire district; Horseshoe and Bartlett Reservoirs are located here.

Watershed protection was one of the most important reasons that the Tonto National Forest was established. Since then, the Salt and Verde rivers have had six dams constructed. While the dammed water is of great value for irrigating fields and for domestic use, it is also very popular with thousands of people who recreate in its waters every year.

Water recreation ranges from the simple to the sophisticated. Some activities require highly mechanized equipment, while other popular activities only require a swimming suit. Whatever your preferences, the Tonto National Forest has plenty to offer when it comes to water recreation.

There are also commercial partners who provide a variety of water-based recreation opportunities.

Contact information:

Address: 40202 North Cave Creek Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Phone: (480) 595-3300
Fax: (480) 595-3346

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