Packsaddle Trail #3029


Pack Saddle Trailhead Location Map

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Area Status: Open
This area is Open

This trail begins at Packsaddle Trailhead and Forest Service Road 52 and ends Moon Meadow Trail #3042.

Packsaddle Trail #3029 is an ATV trail until it enters the North For John Day Wilderness at 1.5 miles. Motor vehicles and bikes are prohibited within designated Wilderness areas.

Silver Butte US Forest Service Topo Map

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Cleared 7/28/20. Please call the North Fork John Day Ranger District Office for up-to-date information.
Open Season: June - November
Restrictions: Wilderness restrictions apply -4.0 miles of this trail is in the North Fork John Day Wilderness and is closed to motorized and mechanized equipment use. Weed-free feed is required for stock animals.
Closest Towns: Ukiah, OR
Information Center: North Fork John Day Ranger District 


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  Area/Length : 
5.3 miles