Spirit Falls Trail #1413

Area Status: Open

This short, easy trail descends gradually with occasional switchbacks down to Spirit Falls, a fairy tale-esque waterfall that drops 60 feet over a mossy rock wall into a shallow pool inhabited by frogs and salamanders.

Spirit Falls is generally shaded by the surrounding woods. However, in late spring and summer, sunlight reaches the base of the falls in the early afternoon hours and makes for a lovely photograph.

Moon Falls Trail #1423, Pinard Falls Trail #1406, and Spirit Falls Trail #1413 constitute a trinity of Cottage Grove Ranger District’s most beautiful waterfalls. Due to their close proximity and relatively short total hiking distance of three miles, many choose to do two or three in the same day.

Detailed trail maps and descriptions can be found in the Cottage Grove Ranger District Recreational Opportunity Guide.

Spirit Falls

At a Glance

Open Season: Early Spring
Usage: Light
Closest Towns: Cottage Grove, OR
Water: Surface water should be treated.

General Information

General Notes:
  • The trail is located within Layng Creek Watershed, a municipal water supply for the Row River Community. Please keep the water clean.


From Cottage Grove, OR, travel east on Row River Road 2400 for 19 miles to the junction of Layng Creek Road 17 and Brice Creek Road 2470. Turn left onto Layng Creek Road 17 and continue for 8.8 miles to Forest Road 1790 Turn right on Forest Road 1790 and travel for 0.1-mile to the trailhead, a small turnout is located on the right side of the road.


Day Hiking

  • Trip durations average 20 minutes one-way.
  • Trail grades range from 5-25%.


  • Trip durations average 20 minutes one-way.
  • Trail grades range from 5-25%.
Difficulty Level: More Difficult

Viewing Scenery

  • The trail terminates at a secluded pool just below a picturesque waterfall, which drops approximately 60 feet over a mossy rock wall.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


  Area/Length : 
0.4 mile

  Elevation : 
1,920 feet - 2,020 feet range