North Umpqua Trail #1414

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Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, photography, fishing, and sightseeing opportunities abound in the spectacular setting of the North Umpqua Trail in the Cascade mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

In the early 1970s, local trail advocates envisioned a trail extending from Rock Creek to the Cascades.  Construction began in 1978 and was completed in 1997 through cooperative efforts of many dedicated volunteers, the Umpqua National Forest, Roseburg District Bureau of Land Management, and Douglas County Parks Department.

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Planning Your Trek

The North Umpqua Trail offers 12 primary trailheads which provide parking and access to segments varying from 3.5 to 15.7 miles in length.  Primitive camping along the trail is allowed but it is recommended in locations out of view from other trail users.  Mott is the only trailhead with drinking water.

Natural occurrences such as slides, forest fires, fallen trees, and snow pack affect trail users. The Maidu portion of this trail travels through wilderness where regulations apply.


  1. Swiftwater Trailhead (22 miles from Roseburg, OR)
  2. Wright Creek Trailhead
  3. Mott Trailhead
  4. Panther Trailhead
  5. Calf Creek Trailhead
  6. Marsters Trailhead
  7. Soda Springs Trailhead
  8. Toketee Lake Trailhead
  9. Hot Springs Trailhead
  10. White Mule Trailhead
  11. Kelsay Valley Trailhead
  12. Digit Point Trailhead


  • Tioga (Contact Roseburg BLM or North Umpqua Ranger District)
  • Mott (Contact North Umpqua Ranger District)
  • Panther (Contact North Umpqua Ranger District)
  • Calf (Contact North Umpqua Ranger District)
  • Marsters (Contact North Umpqua Ranger District)
  • Jessie Wright (Contact Diamond Lake Ranger District)
  • Deer Leap (Contact Diamond Lake Ranger District)
  • Hot Springs (Contact Diamond Lake Ranger District)
  • Dread and Terror (Contact Diamond Lake Ranger District)
  • Lemolo (Contact Diamond Lake Ranger District)
  • Maidu (Contact Diamond Lake Ranger District)

North Umpqua Trail #1414 - Typical trail

At a Glance

Current Conditions: 06/23/2022: Four segments are closed or partially closed by Closure Order Number 06-15-06-22-459. See for details. 08/01/2022: Two additional segments are now closed or partially closed due to the Windigo Fire. 

General Information


From Roseburg, OR, turn onto OR-138 east / northeast Diamond Lake Boulevard. Continue east on Highway 138 to reach the different trailheads. Directions to each trailhead are listed for that particular segment.


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  Area/Length : 
79.1 miles