Skyline GWT Trail

USGS Quad - Huntsville, North Ogden and Mantua Northern: The Skyline Trail is one of the most heavily used trails in the Ogden area. The northern portion is very popular among hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, and motorcyclists, especially on weekends and holidays. Local flora and fauna highlight the route. The trail provides spectacular views of the Ogden area, from Willard to Antelope Island. It is an outstanding area to view wildflowers and fall colors. The area offers some of the world's oldest geologic formations. Willard and Ben Lomond Peaks are part of the Wasatch Fault and many fault lines run through the area. The shorelines of ancient Lake Bonneville can easily be seen from a distance. The higher bench is known as the Bonneville Terrace and the lower bench is called the Provo Terrace. If you are observant at the higher elevations you may see mountain goats roaming from Willard Peak to Ben Lomond. These animals have been successfully re-introduced into native habitat. The west flank of Willard Peak was the site of an iron mine opened in 1873 by Israel Elliott Brown. The company was dissolved when the smelting furnace blew up. A few of the remains may still be seen. Southern: The 12 miles of the southern Skyline portion of the trail is heavily used on weekends and holidays but not during the week. A side trail leads to Lewis Peak which is lesser in stature compared to the rugged Ben Lomond Peak but the climb is just as exhaustive. During mid-summer you'll want to get an early start as the trail's southern exposure and scant forest coverage can make for a warm climb. The trail begins with a steep incline and switchbacks take you from overlooks of Pineview Reservoir to Ogden Canyon's limestone formations. About 2.0 miles from Pineview is a very short spur to the right and leads to Lookout Point. At mile 3.0 there are outstanding views of farm and ranch lands in Ogden Valley. The trail curves northeasterly into thick foliage offering some comforting shade. Near mile 5.0 the trail crosses between Goodall Canyon above Ogden Canyon and the head of Nordic Valley Ski Area. The trail to Lewis Peak (8,031 feet) is 2.5 miles one-way from the Skyline Trail and is well worth the effort. Return back to the Pineview trailhead or alternately follow the ridge north toward North Ogden Pass. It is 5.3 miles along the ridge line northward then down to North Ogden Pass. Park a vehicle at North Ogden Divide if you're not do not plan to hike the 9.5 miles back to Pineview trailhead. The trailhead also offers a horse loading ramp. This is a non-accessible trail that has been developed/improved.

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Directions: Northern: Directions #1: North Ogden Divide: Access is from the north side of the highway at the top of North Ogden Divide. From the trailhead to Willard Peak takes most of one day for average hikers. This portion of the trail is 11.4 miles long. The trail climbs to the summit of 9,712 Ben Lomond then along a ridge to Willard Peak. There is parking and restrooms at the trailhead. Directions #2: Willard Basin to Ben Lomond Peak: To reach Willard Basin, travel the dirt road south from Mantua 9.5 miles to the end of the road. The trail begins at Willard Basin and goes west across the ridge to the west side of Ben Lomond Peak. Southern: Access is from the west side of Pineview Reservoir 1.5 miles from the Dam or from North Ogden Pass. The trailhead is near the Port Boat Ramp on the northeast side of Pineview Reservoir. There are drinking fountains, parking areas and restrooms. There is a good fresh water spring about half way along the trail.



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This trail offers some great views.
Class of VehicleMotorcycles are permitted.
Difficulty Level: Moderate
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  Area/Length : 
15.8 miles

  Elevation : 
5184 ft - 8680 ft