Bennie Creek Trail #071

The Bennie Creek Trail is a delightful hike through open meadows, conifers, and aspen stands.  The trail parallels Bennie Creek, a year-round flow with many pools to tempt the angler.  Keep your eye open for beaver dams not far from the trailhead, where fish seem to lurk.  This is a very popular biking trail.

At a Glance

Best Season: Summer-Fall
Closest Towns: Payson, Spanish Fork, UT.
Information Center: For more information contact the Spanish Fork Ranger District at 801-798-3571.

General Information

Access 1:  Take Payson exit 250.  Travel south on Main Street to 100 North and turn left.  Continue east to 600 East and turn right (south) for approximately 3 1/2 miles to the mouth of Payson Canyon.  this is the Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway.  Approximately one mile past Maple Bench turnoff you will see a big brown  sign on the left that reads, Bennie Creek Cutoff.  This is now the trailhead for Bennie Creek and Benni Creek Cutoff Trails (just recently combined).  There is plenty of parking nearby.
Access 2:  Going up Spanish Fork Canyon  take the Thistle turnoff.  Go to Birdseye and take a right.  Follow the road to where it ends at a closed gate.  you can either start here or go request a key at the house by the gate.  Follow the road to where it ends, this is where the Bennie Creek Trail begins.



Mountain Biking

This is a very popular mountain biking trail. Many mountain bikers start at the Loafer Mountain trailhead along the Nebo Loop (N. 39.940638 W. 111.644083), ride the 0.9 section of the Loafer Mountain trail to the intersection with the Bennie Creek trail (N. 39.952972 W. 111.641666), then continue down the western half of the trail to exit at the Bennie Creek trailhead on the Nebo Loop (N. 39.952055 W. 111.674722). This can be ridden as a loop by riding back up the paved Nebo Loop to the Loafer Mountain trailhead, or a shuttle vehicle can be left at the Bennie Creek trailhead.

Day Hiking

Elevation desc This trail has an elevation gain of 1,200 feet.


Elevation desc This trail has an elevation gain of 1,200 feet.

Horse Riding

OHV Trail Riding

Class of Vehicle Motorcycles are permitted.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


  Area/Length : 
5 miles

  Elevation : 
6,700 ft - 7,800 ft