Provo Canyon Scenic Byway

The Byway winds through wide, wonderful Provo Canyon, past Bridal Veil Falls and Deer Creek Reservoir, and on to the scenic Heber Valley. If you leave from Provo or Orem, the road parallels the Provo River, one of the worlds premier fly fishing streams. The dynamic forces of a past era are revealed in the canyon's gnarled rock walls and jagged rock formations, lush with forest vegetation. Just a few miles up Provo Canyon is the trailhead for Squaw Peak Trail, which offers dramatic and spectacular views of Utah Valley. Bridal Veil Falls, a double-cataract waterfall, can be seen from the road. It takes its name from the intricate, lacy pattern the water makes as it flows over rock boulders. At the top of Provo Canyon, Deer Creek Reservoir State Park has sailing, boating fishing and windsurfing. The Byway ends at Heber Valley, home of the Heber Valley Railroad. This historic train has a schedule of tours through Heber Valley and Provo Canyon during most of the year. Nearby, on SR-113 is the quaint town of Midway, and further on in Soldier Hollow, part of Wasatch Mountain State Park, is a network of excellent cross-country trails built for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games' biathlon competitions.


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32 miles