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Adopt-A-Trail Program


Photo of three ladies volunteering their time to perform trailwork.  They are removing debris from the trail.The first trails in this country were game and Indian routes, which were later used by explorers, trappers, cattlemen and farmers. These trails were kept open by outdoorsman until a few decades ago when Forest Service trail crews began to do more and more of the work. The Spanish Fork Ranger District currently has over 300 miles of maintained system trails. 

We invite you to join us in maintaining these important routes. With your help, we can stretch the funding we receive for trail maintenance and will be able to accomplish so much more. You can help by "adopting" your favorite trail in the Forest Service and taking responsibility for its upkeep. 

Through the Adopt-A-Trail Program, the public, in partnership with the National Forest Systems, preserves the access to our forest and assumes responsibility of the basic maintenance of a selected trail or trail section. In this way, those of us who use the trails can share in the stewardship, ensure that they remain safe, minimally obstructive to the environment, and satisfy recreationalists. Today, collaboration has become essential to fulfilling the Forest Service mission of "Caring for the land and serving people". Communities, private landowners, corporations, non-profit organizations and citizens are critical components. Your willingness to donate your time and services to participate in the Adopt-A-Trail program is greatly appreciated. 

General Information

General Notes:

Who Can Adopt-A-Trail?

Adopters can be any age. You can participate as an individual, a family, scout group, a club or an office group. All it takes is willingness to get out and work on your trail and have fun accomplishing this needed work. When a trail is adopted a sign will be placed at the entrance of the trail with the name of the adopter(s).

Why Volunteer?

Adopt-A-Trail because it is fun! Enjoy your favorite outdoor setting with friends and family while you accomplish a worthwhile job. You are helping us accomplish valuable work.

Objectives of the program

  • Create a Spirit of cooperation between different user groups, visitors, businesses and the Forest Service
  • Allow the continued enjoyment of the trails in our National Forests, year after year, for generations.
  • Promote all aspects of safety in the use of equipment and vehicles.
  • Unite those concerned in responsible land management practices through the maintenance of trails and public education.
  • Promote land stewardship, physical fitness and instill a sense of pride and ownership for volunteers.
  • Most importantly, weather you are picking up trash, removing downed trees or building water bars, the Uinta National Forest needs you. Get involved, be a trail adopter. You can make a difference.

Are you interested in becoming involved with this program? Find out more on the guidelines, requirements and how to get started.


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