Lamping Homestead Recreation Area

Area Status: Open

In Monroe County, this area offers camping, picnicking, fishing, canoeing, and a scenic hiking trail. The site has six walk-in campsites, eight picnic sites, and a picnic shelter. There are two loop trails for hiking, one at 3½ miles and the other at 1½ miles. A 2-acre pond at the site is stocked with bluegill, bass, and catfish. This secluded recreation area was once the farmstead of the Lamping family. The family homesteaded this area in the 1800s.

At a Glance

Fees: Camping Fees:
  • $10 per night
Usage: Light
Closest Towns: Woodsfield, OH
Water: None
Restroom: Vault
Operated By:

General Information

Directions: This campground is located on S.R. 537, 2 miles from S.R. 26 (approximately 35 miles from Marietta). GPS Lat/Long coordinates for the area are 39 deg 37' 32" / 81 deg 11' 16".

Recreation Map

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Mountain Biking

A 5 mile trail is available to both hiking and mountain biking. Trails are seasonally closed to mountain bike use from winter to early spring. Visit our Recreation page to see seasonal open and close dates for the current year.

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs. a day during open season (mid-April through mid-December).
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Rental info: Camping Fees: •$10 per night

Campground Camping

This out of the way campground offers few amenities but is a beautiful location on the shores of a tranquil lake.
No. of Sites 6
Reservation Info None taken
No. of Accessible sites 0
Difficulty Level: Difficult

Lake and Pond Fishing

This 2-acre pond is a fun place to go for an afternoon of fishing.

Fish Species Largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish
Fishing Platform Fishing from shore or boat
Cleaning Station none
Fishing Method Shore fishing only.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

River and Stream Fishing

Day Hiking

There are two loop trails for hiking; one at 3.5 miles and the other at 1.5 mile.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Viewing Wildlife

Along the trail and around the lake wildlife abounds so bring your binoculars and expect to see animals, birds, and reptiles.
Species White-tailed deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, forest songbirds and numerous reptiles and amphibians are likely to be seen.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Viewing Scenery

This area is quite scenic with its quiet lake set amidst a pine stand and the rolling forested hills behind it. A cemetary on the hill adds to mystery of the area. In the fog or the mist of morning there's no place more tranquil or beautiful than this area.

Special Feature lake, cemetary
Difficulty Level: Intermediate


this area offers 8 picnic sites and a picnic shelter near the lake in a lovely stand of pine trees.
No. of Sites 8
Reservation Info No
Fire Information Grills available
No. of Accessible sites 0
Difficulty Level: Easy

Boating - Non-Motorized

This 2-acre pond is one you can carry a boat in to fish.

Trailer Parking parking area
Launch Ramps none
Class of rapids none
Type of Craft small enough to carry.
Size Restrictions small
Fuel availability no
Marina/Mooring none
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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