Black Mountain Cabin

Area Status: Open
Exterior image of Black Mountain cabin

Constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC), this cabin is located on the west side of Black Mountain, set on what was once pasture land just below the summit with an outstanding view of Mount Washington. The cabin is accessed by the Black Mountain Ski Trail, a 1.4 mile trail with moderate grades used by hikers and skiers.



Cabin Amenities

The cabin is rustic with the only amenities being eight wooden bunks and a common room with benches and a wood stove. The capacity is eight people with no outside camping or fires permitted within one quarter mile of the cabin. A composting toilet is a short distance from the cabin. Please remove everything that you bring with you, including usable items.


At a Glance

Reservations: Reservations can be made at
Fees: Cabin rental fee $40.00 per night plus $9.00 NRRS reservation fee.
Water: No
Restroom: Yes
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Saco District Ranger Station

General Information

General Notes:


What Should I Bring?

Anything you would bring on a camping trip except the tent. You will need sleeping bag, sleeping pad, matches, food, cooking utensils, trash bags, toilet paper, a backpacking stove for cooking, firewood and/or a cutting tool for dead and down wood. Only dead and down wood may be cut for firewood; resources are limited so it is advisable to bring your own firewood (please see note below). You will also need to bring water – there is a spring near the cabin but it can be unreliable or may be frozen so it is recommended you bring your own. If you do use water from a natural source, we recommend boiling or otherwise treating it before use.

House Keeping

  • Please carry out all trash and excess food
  • Please sweep the floor before you leave with the broom provided
  • Please close and lock both doors, and windows when leaving

Firewood Note 

Our forests are threatened by non-native insects that can kill large numbers of trees. Three recently introduced insects are wood-infesting species that can be transported long distances in firewood. Once transported into new areas, these insects can become established and kill local trees. For this reason, firewood from outside the State of NH is prohibited. Please use firewood from local sources.

Winter Considerations

The cabin is not insulated and can be drafty and cold during the winter months. Be prepared for cold temperatures in the cabin, even when the wood stove is in use. It is recommended to bring dry, seasoned fire wood for the wood stove.


Pets are allowed on the trails and at the cabin with the exception of the East Pasture Trail in winter. Please leash your pets on private land and ensure they are leashed or under voice control for the remainder of your trip.


Accessible via the Black Mountain Ski Trail or East Pasture Trail. 

Black Mountain Ski Trail is located off Carter Notch Road in Jackson. From Route 16, turn into Jackson village on Route 16A. Follow the loop through town until you reach Route 16B/Carter Notch Road. Follow Carter Notch Road for 3.9 miles until you reach Melloon Rd. Turn right onto Melloon Road and follow for 1/3 mile. Parking is available for 4 - 6 vehicles. There is a trail sign at the beginning of a private drive; the trailhead is on your right about 100 feet up the drive. Please stay on the trail and respect private landowners rights. This trail reaches Black Mountain Cabin in 1.4 miles via a moderate grade.

East Pasture Trail (X-C Ski Trail) is accessed at the top of Black Mountain Road in Jackson. From Route 16, turn into Jackson village (Route 16A) and follow until you reach Route 16B/Black Mountain Road. Turn onto Black Mountain Road and follow for about 2 miles. Just past Black Mountain Ski Area, Black Mountain Road veers to the left and Dundee Road continues straight ahead. Veer left on Black Mountain Road for another 0.5 miles to the East Pasture Trailhead. Parking is available for about 10 vehicles. The trail begins on private land.


Recreation Map

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Cabin Rentals

The Black Mountain Cabin has a maximum  capacity of 8 people.The cabin is very rustic with minimal amenities; there are eight wooden bunks, four partitioned “rooms”, two small tables, benches, and a wood stove. An outhouse is located a short distance away.

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