Eagle - Thomasville Road #400

ROAD DESCRIPTION: This dirt road winds its way from Sylvan Lake up to the top of Crooked Creek Pass and down the other side to the small town of Thomasville and Reudi Reservoir. The road is narrow, windy, and has some tight, steep switchbacks, so drivers need to remain alert. The road passes through stands of aspen, lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, subalpine fir, Douglas fir, high mountain meadows, and wildflowers. The road is maintained for passenger cars, but becomes impassible when wet.SITES OF INTERESTSCENIC VIEWS - This route offers many spectacular views. There are majestic views of the Sawatch Mountain Range, Burnt Mountain, and William's Mountains. There are excellent wildlife viewing opportunities for such animals as deer and elk. Spring run off creates small, beautiful waterfalls. Traveling along this road is an excellent route for viewing Fall colors.SYLVAN LAKE - Sylvan Lake is a State recreation area. It offers camping, fishing, boating and hiking. It is located at mile 5.CROOKED CREEK RESERVOIR - Crooked Creek Reservoir is located shortly past the summit of Crooked Creek Pass. This former resort was obtained by the Forest Service in the early 1990's in a land exchange. It is stocked with rainbow trout by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and is an excellent place to fish. The cabins are closed to the public. It is located at mile 13.LIME PARK - The road passes through a large meadow area known as Lime Park. Here there are views of Lime Creek, limestone rock formations, and high mountain peaks. It is located at mile 13.5.EAGLE LAKE - At the intersection for Eagle Lake the road continues for 1.6 miles to the Eagle Lake Trail Head. This trail head accesses the Holy Cross Wilderness and leads to the popular fishing at Eagle Lake. The intersection is located at mile 13.5.CAMPING OPPORTUNITIES - Dispersed camping is permitted as long as the site is a maximum of 300 feet from the road and a minimum of 100 feet from water. Check with the forest map to make sure that the site chosen is on public land. There are NO facilities.

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Usage: Light
Closest Towns: Eagle

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Directions: Follow the Brush Creek Road south from the town of Eagle. After traveling approximately 10 miles the pavement ends and the road forks. Stay to the right. This is FDR 400. Stay on FDR 400, pass Sylvan Lake State Park, and follow the signs for Thomasville. This road will eventually end at County Road 104. Turn right onto County Road 104 and this road will lead you to the town of Thomasville and Reudi Reservoir.

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Vehicle Clearence any but the lowest of passenger cars can drive this dirt road

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34 miles

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6600 - 9995