Chinese Wall #1803

Image of Devil's Causeway in the Flat Tops Wilderness

Chinese Wall Trail #1803 begins near the summit of Ripple Creek Pass. After 1 mile, the trail enters the Flat Tops Wilderness. It then continues 2 miles to Picket Pin Park where it meets the Picket Pin-Lily Pond Trail #1811. The trail skirts the park for .5 mile, then climbs 1 mile to the ridge that divides the White River and Williams Fork drainages.

The West Lost Lake Trail #1103 drops into the Lost Lakes from the top of the ridge. From here it climbs another 2 miles to the top of the Lost Lakes Peaks (11,800'). The trail continues across rolling tundra, where it is marked by wooden posts and rock cairns. After 4.5 miles, it meets the Devil's Causeway Trail, #1803.3. The Causeway, 1 mile to the north, is a narrow strip of land connecting two major portions of the Flat Tops. It is flanked by 60' to 80' cliffs with steep talus slopes dropping 600' to 800' into the drainage below. The rough and rocky three-foot-wide crest can be crossed on foot, but it is impassable for horses. The trail then heads south 7 miles across an alpine meadow and ends at the Island Lakes Trail #1842.

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At a Glance

Usage: Light
  • Flat Tops Wilderness regulations apply
  • Domestic sheep may be grazing in the area.
  • This trail is used for multiple activities, including hiking and horsebackriding.  Please respect other users.
  • The Devil's Causeway section is impassable to livestock.
Closest Towns: Meeker, CO
Water: Intermittently along trail. Treat all water before consuming.
Restroom: Bury all human waste 6 inches deep & at least 100 ft. from water.
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Blanco Ranger District, 970-878-4039

General Information


The Chinese Wall Trail is located 45 miles east of Meeker, CO.

From Meeker, take Colorado Highway 13 east for 1 mile, then turn right (east) on Rio Blanco County Road 8 and follow this for 44 miles. There is a parking lot of the west side of the road, .4 miles from the summit of Ripple Creek Pass. The trail begins across the road, to the east of the parking lot.

Recreation Map

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Horse Riding

The Devil's Causeway section of the Chinese Wall Trail is a narrow, 3' strip of land with 60' to 80' cliffs on either side.  It is rough, rocky and impassable for livestock.

Big Game Hunting

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


  Area/Length : 
17.5 miles

  Latitude : 

  Longitude : 

  Elevation : 
10,282' - 11,821'