Raspberry Creek TH #1968

Raggeds Wilderness

The Raggeds Wilderness covers 65,443 acres spanning Gunnison and White River National Forests.

After hiking up the Quarry Road for ½ mile, there is a small sign on the right side of the road on top of a short, steep bank announcing the trailhead. Hike approximately 1 mile to the fork in the trail. Take the right fork which heads West until reaching Raspberry Creek and turns south to follow the creek to its headwaters. The trail stays on the east side of the creek. In the trees the trail is obvious but in the meadows the trail sometimes fades. Follow the trail south to the base of the ridge that separates the White River National Forest from the Gunnison National Forest.

As the trail exits the trees and enters the meadows at the base of this ridge the trail disappears completely. Hike SE (straight left) up to the top of the ridge and follow the ridge East. This will take you to a very steep overlook of Anthracite Pass. Drop north off of the Overlook and then go east (turn right) until you encounter the trail a few hundred yards below the Pass. To complete the Raspberry Loop turn north/northwest. This section of trail should be well defined and do not be confused by the trail that cuts off to the right (NE) that connects the Raspberry Trail to the Yule Trail. This arm of the Raspberry Trail brings you back to the intersection encountered earlier. A right turn will bring you back to the trailhead on the Quarry Road. Because of the faded and missing sections of this loop this hike can be confusing to follow. For experienced hikers it presents an interesting orienteering challenge.

At a Glance

Usage: Light
Restrictions: Raspberry Creek Trail is within the Raggeds Wilderness, please educate yourself about Wilderness Ethics and rules.* DOGS MUST BE LEASHED out of consideration for both other people and wildlife.
Closest Towns: Marble
Water: No
Restroom: Vault Toilet

General Information


Travel south on Hwy 133 25 miles past Carbondale. Turn left on County road 3 and continue 7 miles to Marble. Parking is available at the old Marble Mill. Hike up the Marble Quarry road 1/2 mile to the trailhead. Upon reaching the trailhead, hike south approximately 1 mile to the fork in the trail. Take the right fork to Raspberry Creek trail and return from Anthracite Pass on the other trail.

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  Area/Length : 
9.0 miles

  Latitude : 

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  Elevation : 
8200 - 11300