Eugene to Crest Trail #3559

The concept of providing a continuous trail from Eugene, Oregon to the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail began in the early 1970's. While the trail officially opened in 1994, it was never fully completed and not all segments of the trail are connected or completed.

The most intact segments of the trail are on the Willamette National Forest between Lowell and Tire Mountain Trail utilizing existing Forest Service roads and trails. The eastern segments are closed by snow during the winter months. Not all segments are passable by horses or motorcycles.

The route begins at Skinner Butte park, in Eugene. Utilizing bike path and country road, the trail makes its way through Springfield to Buford Park (Mt. Pisgah). From Mt. Pisgah the trail continues to Elijah Bristow State Park. From there the trail merges with Highway 58 to get around Dexter Dam (this section is not recommended).

The trail resumes along the north shore of Lookout Reservoir and soon joins existing Willamette National Forest trails following Tire Mountain and Alpine Trail before dropping back down to the town of West Fir and Oakridge.

Outside of Oakridge the trail climbs to Bunchgrass Ridge, a high elevation ridgeline trail that follows the edge of the 1991 Warner Creek burn with views of bunchgrass meadows, Cascade peaks, and wildflowers. The Bunchgrass ridge section, which is also part of the Oregon Timber Trail, connects Oakridge to Waldo Lake, and has different segments - from east to west they are High Divide, Big Bunchgrass, Little Bunchgrass, and Heckletooth.

The final miles enter the Waldo Lake Wilderness (no bicycles allowed), and then connects to the Pacific Crest Trail.

There are over seventeen access points to this trail. They are best described in a brochure available at the Middle Fork Ranger District or by clicking here. At least ten of the access points utilize existing trailheads.


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Usage: Medium
Water: Available in several locations - requires treatment
Information Center: Middle Fork Ranger Station

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108 miles

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400 feet - 5,500 feet